2017-2019 Live Performances

2018 Dates

The Edge Friday Feb 2nd

Alleycatz Friday April 27th

The Edge Friday May 4th

Aw Shucks Thursday May 17th 8pm

The Edge Friday June 8th

The Pilot Saturday Sept 22th

Alleycatz Friday Oct 12th

The Edge Friday Nov 2nd

2019 Dates

The Edge Friday Feb 8th

Alleycatz Friday April 26th

The Edge Friday May 10th

Alleycatz Friday October 18th

2017 Dates

Aw Shucks Friday Feb 10th

The Edge Friday Mar 31st

The Pilot Saturday April 22nd

Alleycatz Friday April 28th

Aw Shucks Friday May 5th

The Edge Saturday June 3rd

QCYC Toronto Island (Private Party) Saturday June 10th

Alleycatz Friday Oct 13th

Aw Shucks Friday Nov 3rd

The Edge Friday Dec 1st

Aw Shucks Friday Dec 8th